class ParamTextureImage

Bases: ParamValueBase

A class object for storing a pointer to a Texture along with a set of properties that indicates which image to bind to a shader input.

This class is useful for binding texture images to a shader, which is a fairly esoteric feature.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ParamTextureImage

ParamTextureImage(Texture *tex, bool read, bool write, int z = -1, int n = 0)

Creates a new ParamTextureImage storing the given texture and image binding parameters.

int get_bind_layer(void) const

Returns the image layer that should be bound. This is undefined if get_bind_layered() returns false.

bool get_bind_layered(void) const

Returns true if all layers of this image should be bound simultaneously.

int get_bind_level(void) const

Returns the image level that should be bound.

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
Texture *get_texture(void) const

Retrieves the texture stored in the parameter.

bool has_read_access(void) const

Returns true if this image should be bound with read access enabled.

bool has_write_access(void) const

Returns true if this image should be bound with write access enabled.