class TiXmlDeclaration

Bases: TiXmlNode

In correct XML the declaration is the first entry in the file.

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>

TinyXml will happily read or write files without a declaration, however. There are 3 possible attributes to the declaration: version, encoding, and standalone.

Note: In this version of the code, the attributes are handled as special cases, not generic attributes, simply because there can only be at most 3 and they are always the same.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of TiXmlDeclaration

Encoding() → str

/// Encoding. Will return an empty string if none was found.

Standalone() → str

/// Is this a standalone document?

Version() → str

/// Version. Will return an empty string if none was found.

__init__() → None

/// Construct an empty declaration.

__init__(copy: TiXmlDeclaration) → None
__init__(_version: str, _encoding: str, _standalone: str) → None

/// Construct.

__init__(_version: str, _encoding: str, _standalone: str) → None

/// Constructor.

assign(copy: TiXmlDeclaration) → TiXmlDeclaration
Return type