class Decompressor

This manages run-time decompression of a zlib-compressed stream, as a background or foreground task.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of Decompressor

Decompressor(Decompressor const&) = default
bool decompress(Filename const &source_file)
bool decompress(Ramfile &source_and_dest_file)

Performs a foreground decompression of the named file; does not return until the decompression is complete.

Does an in-memory decompression of the indicated Ramfile. The decompressed contents are written back into the same Ramfile on completion.

PN_stdfloat get_progress(void) const

Returns the ratio through the decompression step in the background.

int initiate(Filename const &source_file)
int initiate(Filename const &source_file, Filename const &dest_file)

Begins a background decompression of the named file (whose filename must end in “.pz”) to a new file without the .pz extension. The source file is removed after successful completion.

Begins a background decompression from the named source file to the named destination file. The source file is removed after successful completion.

int run(void)

Called each frame to do the next bit of work in the background task. Returns EU_ok if a chunk is completed but there is more to go, or EU_success when we’re all done. Any other return value indicates an error.