class OdeWorld

Bases: TypedObject

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of OdeWorld

OdeWorld(OdeWorld const &copy)
void add_body_dampening(OdeBody &body, int surface)

void assign_surface_body(OdeBody& body, int surface);

float apply_dampening(float dt, OdeBody &body)
int compare_to(OdeWorld const &other) const
void destroy(void)
dReal get_auto_disable_angular_threshold(void) const
int get_auto_disable_flag(void) const
dReal get_auto_disable_linear_threshold(void) const
int get_auto_disable_steps(void) const
dReal get_auto_disable_time(void) const
dReal get_cfm(void) const
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
dReal get_contact_max_correcting_vel(void) const
dReal get_contact_surface_layer(void) const
dReal get_erp(void) const
LVecBase3f get_gravity(void) const
dWorldID get_id(void) const

Returns the underlying dWorldID.

int get_quick_step_num_iterations(void) const
dReal get_quick_step_w(void) const
LVecBase3f impulse_to_force(dReal stepsize, dReal ix, dReal iy, dReal iz)
LVecBase3f impulse_to_force(dReal stepsize, LVecBase3f const &impulse)
void init_surface_table(uint8_t num_surfaces)
bool is_empty(void) const

Returns true if the ID is 0, meaning the OdeWorld does not point to a valid world. It is an error to call a method on an empty world. Note that an empty OdeWorld also evaluates to False.

void quick_step(dReal stepsize)
void set_auto_disable_angular_threshold(dReal angular_threshold)
void set_auto_disable_flag(int do_auto_disable)
void set_auto_disable_linear_threshold(dReal linear_threshold)
void set_auto_disable_steps(int steps)
void set_auto_disable_time(dReal time)
void set_cfm(dReal cfm)
void set_contact_max_correcting_vel(dReal vel)
void set_contact_surface_layer(dReal depth)
void set_erp(dReal erp)
void set_gravity(dReal x, dReal y, dReal z)
void set_gravity(LVecBase3f const &vec)
void set_quick_step_num_iterations(int num)
void set_quick_step_w(dReal over_relaxation)
void set_surface_entry(uint8_t pos1, uint8_t pos2, dReal mu, dReal bounce, dReal bounce_vel, dReal soft_erp, dReal soft_cfm, dReal slip, dReal dampen)
void step(dReal stepsize)