class MouseAndKeyboard

Bases: DataNode

Reads the mouse and/or keyboard data sent from a GraphicsWindow, and transmits it down the data graph.

The mouse and keyboard devices are bundled together into one device here, because they interrelate so much. A mouse might be constrained by the holding down of the shift key, for instance, or the clicking of the mouse button might be handled in much the same way as a keyboard key.

Mouse data is sent down the data graph as an x,y position as well as the set of buttons currently being held down; keyboard data is sent down as a set of keypress events in an EventDataTransition. To throw these events to the system, you must attach an EventThrower to the MouseAndKeyboard object; otherwise, the events will be discarded.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of MouseAndKeyboard

explicit MouseAndKeyboard(GraphicsWindow *window, int device, std::string const &name)
MouseAndKeyboard(MouseAndKeyboard const&) = default
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
void set_source(GraphicsWindow *window, int device)

Redirects the class to get the data from the mouse and keyboard associated with a different window and/or device number.