class ConfigFlags

This class is the base class of both ConfigVariable and ConfigVariableCore. It exists only to provide a convenient name scoping for some enumerated values common to both classes.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ConfigFlags

enum ValueType
enumerator VT_undefined = 0
enumerator VT_list = 1
enumerator VT_string = 2
enumerator VT_filename = 3
enumerator VT_bool = 4
enumerator VT_int = 5
enumerator VT_double = 6
enumerator VT_enum = 7
enumerator VT_search_path = 8
enumerator VT_int64 = 9
enumerator VT_color = 10
enum VariableFlags
enumerator F_trust_level_mask = 4095

Trust level. We have the bottom twelve bits reserved for a trust level indicator; then the open and closed bits are a special case.

enumerator F_open = 4096
enumerator F_closed = 8192
enumerator F_dynamic = 16384

F_dynamic means that the variable name is generated dynamically (possibly from a very large pool) and should not be included in the normal list of variable names.

enumerator F_dconfig = 32768

F_dconfig means that the variable was constructed from the legacy DConfig system, rather than directly by the user. You shouldn’t pass this in directly.

ConfigFlags(void) = default
ConfigFlags(ConfigFlags const&) = default