Sample Programs: Gamepad

To run a sample program, you need to install Panda3D. If you’re a Windows user, you’ll find the sample programs in your start menu. If you’re a Linux user, you’ll find the sample programs in /usr/share/panda3d.


../../../_images/screenshot-sample-programs-gamepad.png ../../../_images/screenshot-sample-programs-gamepad-mapping.png


This sample program shows how to use game controller devices such as gamepads, steering wheels and joysticks in Panda3D. Gamepad devices are mostly used to control characters in games using input from specialized devices. In this example we will control the camera to steer around the environment with either a gamepad device, steering wheel or flightstick device.

The controls are as follows:


This sample is for gamepads like for example the xbox, Switch Pro or Steam controller but will also work with all other gamepads that have any of those controls:

Move Left thumbstick

Move camera forward and strafe

Move Right thumbstick

Move camera heading and pitch

Press Left thumbstick

speed up strafe


Show an onscreen text which button is pressed


Reset to start position


Exit the sample program

steering wheel:

Acceleration pedal

Accelerate camera forward

Break pedal

Slow down camera


Control cameras heading


Show an onscreen message

Hat Up

Re-Set the wheels center position

flight stick:


Accelerate camera forward

Move Stick

Control camera rotations


Show an onscreen message

For more information on devices, please consult the Joystick Support section of the manual.

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