class VirtualFileMountHTTP

Bases: VirtualFileMount

Maps a web page (URL root) into the VirtualFileSystem.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of VirtualFileMountHTTP

explicit VirtualFileMountHTTP(URLSpec const &root, HTTPClient *http = HTTPClient::get_global_ptr())
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
HTTPClient *get_http_client(void) const

Returns the HTTPClient object that services this mount point.

URLSpec const &get_root(void) const

Returns the URL that represents the root of this mount point.

static void reload_vfs_mount_url(void)

Reads all of the vfs-mount-url lines in the Config.prc file and replaces the mount settings to match them.

This will mount any url’s mentioned in the config file, and unmount and unmount any url’s no longer mentioned in the config file. Normally, it is called automatically at startup, and need not be called again, unless you have fiddled with some config settings.