Distributed Networking

Distributed Networking is Panda3D’s high-level network API. When a distributed object is created all interested clients will automatically create a copy of that object. Updates to the object will automatically propagate to the copies.

The distributed network is composed of several layers: the dc file which defines the communication, ServerRepositories which handle communication between clients, ClientRepositories which interact and manage the distributed objects, and the distributed objects themselves.

Several abbreviations will be used in the following pages and my come accross you when using the system. To not repeat them every time or for you to look up whenever you stumble upon one, we’ll list them here.

DO = Distributed Object
doId = Distributed Object Identifier
AI = Artificial Intelligence
UD = Uber Dog
OV = Owner View
DC = Distributed Class
SR = Server Repository
CR = Client Repository


The following parts which are rarely used are not documented yet.

  • Uber Dog servers and objects

  • Owner View objects