class BulletSphericalConstraint

Bases: BulletConstraint

A constraint between two rigid bodies, each with a pivot point. The pivot points are described in the body’s local space. The constraint limits movement of the two rigid bodies in such a way that the pivot points match in global space. The spherical constraint can be seen as a “ball and socket” joint.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of BulletSphericalConstraint

explicit BulletSphericalConstraint(BulletRigidBodyNode const *node_a, LPoint3 const &pivot_a)
explicit BulletSphericalConstraint(BulletRigidBodyNode const *node_a, BulletRigidBodyNode const *node_b, LPoint3 const &pivot_a, LPoint3 const &pivot_b)
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
LPoint3 get_pivot_in_a(void) const
LPoint3 get_pivot_in_b(void) const
void set_pivot_a(LPoint3 const &pivot_a)



void set_pivot_b(LPoint3 const &pivot_b)