class SliderTable

Bases: TypedWritableReferenceCount

Stores the total set of VertexSliders that the vertices in a particular GeomVertexData object might depend on.

This is similar to a TransformTable, but it stores VertexSliders instead of VertexTransforms, and it stores them by name instead of by index number. Also, it is only used when animating vertices on the CPU, since GPU’s don’t support morphs at this point in time.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of SliderTable

SliderTable(SliderTable const &copy)
std::size_t add_slider(VertexSlider const *slider, SparseArray const &rows)

Adds a new slider to the table, and returns the index number of the new slider. Only valid for unregistered tables.

SparseArray const &find_sliders(InternalName const *name) const

Returns a list of slider indices that represent the list of sliders with the indicated name, or an empty SparseArray if no slider in the table has that name.

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
UpdateSeq get_modified(Thread *current_thread = Thread::get_current_thread()) const

Returns a sequence number that’s guaranteed to change at least when any VertexSliders in the table change. (However, this is only true for a registered table. An unregistered table may or may not reflect an update here when a VertexSlider changes.)

std::size_t get_num_sliders(void) const

Returns the number of sliders in the table.

VertexSlider const *get_slider(std::size_t n) const

Returns the nth slider in the table.

SparseArray const &get_slider_rows(std::size_t n) const

Returns the set of rows (vertices) governed by the nth slider in the table.

bool has_slider(InternalName const *name) const

Returns true if the table has at least one slider by the indicated name, false otherwise.

bool is_empty(void) const

Returns true if the table has no sliders, false if it has at least one.

bool is_registered(void) const

Returns true if this table has been registered. Once it has been registered, the set of sliders in a SliderTable may not be further modified; but it must be registered before it can be assigned to a Geom.

ConstPointerTo<SliderTable> register_table(SliderTable const *table)

Registers a SliderTable for use. This is similar to GeomVertexFormat::register_format(). Once registered, a SliderTable may no longer be modified (although the individual VertexSlider objects may modify their reported sliders).

This must be called before a table may be used in a Geom. After this call, you should discard the original pointer you passed in (which may or may not now be invalid) and let its reference count decrement normally; you should use only the returned value from this point on.

void remove_slider(std::size_t n)

Removes the nth slider. Only valid for unregistered tables.

void set_slider(std::size_t n, VertexSlider const *slider)

Replaces the nth slider. Only valid for unregistered tables.

void set_slider_rows(std::size_t n, SparseArray const &rows)

Replaces the rows affected by the nth slider. Only valid for unregistered tables.

void write(std::ostream &out) const