class MaterialAttrib

Bases: RenderAttrib

Indicates which, if any, material should be applied to geometry. The material is used primarily to control lighting effects, and isn’t necessary (or useful) in the absence of lighting.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of MaterialAttrib

static int get_class_slot(void)
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
Material *get_material(void) const

If the MaterialAttrib is not an ‘off’ MaterialAttrib, returns the material that is associated. Otherwise, return NULL.

bool is_off(void) const

Returns true if the MaterialAttrib is an ‘off’ MaterialAttrib, indicating that it should disable the use of materials.

static ConstPointerTo<RenderAttrib> make(Material *material)

Constructs a new MaterialAttrib object suitable for rendering the indicated material onto geometry.

static ConstPointerTo<RenderAttrib> make_default(void)

Returns a RenderAttrib that corresponds to whatever the standard default properties for render attributes of this type ought to be.

static ConstPointerTo<RenderAttrib> make_off(void)

Constructs a new MaterialAttrib object suitable for rendering unmateriald geometry.