class Socket_IP

Bases: TypedObject

Base functionality for a INET domain Socket This call should be the starting point for all other unix domain sockets.

SocketIP | ——————————————————————- | | | | SocketTCP SocketTCP_Listen SocketUDP_Incoming SocketUDP_OutBound

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of Socket_IP

bool Active(void)

Ask if the socket is open (allocated)

void Close(void)

Closes a socket if it is open (allocated).

int GetLastError(void)

Gets the last errcode from a socket operation.

Socket_Address GetPeerName(void) const

Wrapper on berkly getpeername…

SOCKET GetSocket(void)
SOCKET GetSocket(void) const

Gets the base socket type

Get The RAW file id of the socket

int InitNetworkDriver(void)
int SetBlocking(void)

Set the socket to block on subsequent calls to socket functions that address this socket

int SetNonBlocking(void)

this function will throw a socket into non-blocking mode

int SetRecvBufferSize(int size)

Ok it sets the recv buffer size for both tcp and UDP

bool SetReuseAddress(bool flag = true)

Informs a socket to reuse IP address as needed

void SetSocket(SOCKET ins)

Assigns an existing socket to this class

bool SetV6Only(bool flag)

Sets a flag indicating whether this IPv6 socket should operate in dual-stack mode or not.

Socket_IP(SOCKET in)

Def Constructor

Assigns an existing socket to this class

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)