class Namable

Bases: MemoryBase

A base class for all things which can have a name. The name is either empty or nonempty, but it is never NULL.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of Namable

__init__(param0: Namable) → None
__init__(initial_name: str) → None
clearName() → None

Resets the Namable’s name to empty.

static getClassType() → TypeHandle
Return type


getName() → str
hasName() → bool

Returns true if the Namable has a nonempty name set, false if the name is empty.

property name

Getter Setter

Return type


output(out: ostream) → None

Outputs the Namable. This function simply writes the name to the output stream; most Namable derivatives will probably redefine this.

setName(name: str) → None