class PipeOcclusionCullTraverser

Bases: CullTraverser, CullHandler

This specialization of CullTraverser uses the graphics pipe itself to perform occlusion culling. As such, it’s likely to be inefficient (since it interferes with the pipe’s normal mode of rendering), and is mainly useful to test other, CPU-based occlusion algorithms.

This cannot be used in a multithreaded pipeline environment where cull and draw are operating simultaneously.

It can’t be defined in the cull subdirectory, because it needs access to GraphicsPipe and DisplayRegion and other classes in display. So we put it in grutil instead, for lack of any better ideas.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of PipeOcclusionCullTraverser

explicit PipeOcclusionCullTraverser(GraphicsOutput *host)
virtual void end_traverse(void)

Should be called when the traverser has finished traversing its scene, this gives it a chance to do any necessary finalization.

GraphicsOutput *get_buffer(void) const
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
DrawMask const &get_occlusion_mask(void) const

Returns the DrawMask for occlusion polygons. See set_occlusion_mask().

Texture *get_texture(void)

Returns a Texture that can be used to visualize the efforts of the occlusion cull.

void set_occlusion_mask(DrawMask const &occlusion_mask)

Specifies the DrawMask that should be set on occlusion polygons for this scene. This identifies the polygons that are to be treated as occluders. Polygons that do not have this draw mask set will not be considered occluders.

virtual void set_scene(SceneSetup *scene_setup, GraphicsStateGuardianBase *gsg, bool dr_incomplete_render)