class WorkingNodePath

This is a class designed to support low-overhead traversals of the complete scene graph, with a memory of the complete path through the graph at any given point.

You could just use a regular :class:`~NodePath` to do this, but since the :class:`~NodePath` requires storing NodePathComponents on each node as it is constructed, and then removing them when it destructs, there is considerable overhead in that approach.

The WorkingNodePath eliminates this overhead (but does not guarantee consistency if the scene graph changes while the path is held).

At any given point, you may ask the WorkingNodePath for its actual :class:`~NodePath`, and it will construct and return a new :class:`~NodePath` representing the complete generated chain.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of WorkingNodePath

property node_path

Constructs and returns an actual NodePath that represents the same path we have just traversed.

Return type


property valid

Returns true if the Working:class:`~NodePath` object appears to be a valid NodePath reference, false otherwise.

Return type