class OdeJointCollection

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of OdeJointCollection

__init__() → None
__init__(copy: OdeJointCollection) → None
assign(copy: OdeJointCollection) → OdeJointCollection
Return type


addJoint(joint: OdeJoint) → None
removeJoint(joint: OdeJoint) → bool
addJointsFrom(other: OdeJointCollection) → None
removeJointsFrom(other: OdeJointCollection) → None
removeDuplicateJoints() → None
hasJoint(joint: OdeJoint) → bool
clear() → None
isEmpty() → bool
getNumJoints() → int
getJoint(index: int) → OdeJoint
Return type


size() → int

Returns the number of joints in the collection. This is the same thing as getNumJoints().

getJoints() → list