class ButtonEventList

Bases: ParamValueBase

Records a set of button events that happened recently. This class is usually used only in the data graph, to transmit the recent button presses, but it may be used anywhere a list of ButtonEvents is desired.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ButtonEventList

__init__() → None
__init__(copy: ButtonEventList) → None
addEvent(event: ButtonEvent) → None

Adds a new event to the end of the list.

addEvents(other: ButtonEventList) → None

Appends the events from the other list onto the end of this one.

assign(copy: ButtonEventList) → ButtonEventList
Return type


clear() → None

Empties all the events from the list.

static getClassType() → TypeHandle
Return type


getEvent(n: int) → ButtonEvent

Returns the nth event in the list. This does not remove the event from the list; the only way to remove events is to empty the whole list with clear().

Return type


getNumEvents() → int

Returns the number of events in the list.

updateMods(mods: ModifierButtons) → None

Updates the indicated ModifierButtons object with all of the button up/down transitions indicated in the list.

write(out: ostream, indent_level: int) → None