Steering Behaviors

These AI behaviors control the basic motion of NPC objects in a game and make it look realistic.

PandAI is inbuilt with handling the functionality of the seven following basic steering behaviors :








Obstacle Avoidance

Path Follow

Before you start exploring these various behaviors, let me give you a brief introduction on how it is setup and what you need to begin :

All the Steering Behaviors are part of the Behavior class of any AI Character. Hence, to use them you need to get a reference to it via ‘getAiBehaviors()’ function of the AICharacter class.

Once you get this reference, you can use it to call any steering behavior.

aiBehaviors = aiCharacter.getAiBehaviors();;
  • Once you have read this page, you can proceed to explore the individual pages for each AI Behavior for details and even an example demo for each one working.


Every steering behavior can also take a second parameter which is priority. This ranges from 0 to 1 and it defines the behaviors intensity when combined with other behaviors., 0.5);
aiBehaviors.flee(targetNodePath_2, 0.5);

This will cause the AICharacter’s resultant force to be an equal balance of seeking ‘targetNodePath_1’ and fleeing ‘targetNodePath_2’.


(For beginners -> Come back to these when you need this functionality)

For the AIWorld class:

void addAiChar(AICharacter aiChar);

void removeAiChar(string name);

void addFlock(Flock *flock);

void flockOff(int ID);

void flockOn(int ID);

Flock getFlock(int ID);

For the AICharacter class:

double getMass();

void setMass(double m);

LVecBase3 getVelocity();

double getMaxForce();

void setMaxForce(double max_force);

NodePath getNodePath();

void setNodePath(NodePath np);

For the AIBehaviors class:

aiBehaviors.behaviorStatus(string AIName)

This function returns the status of an AI Behavior whether it is active, paused, done or disabled. Returns -1 if an invalid string is passed.

  • Note for pathfinding status, use pathfollow as the string name, since pathfinding is a subset of pathfollow.

To remove any AI after their call has been instantiated.

void removeAi(string "AIName");
  • Note for pathfinding removal, use pathfollow as the string name, since pathfinding is a subset of pathfollow.

To pause or resume any AI after their call has been instantiated.

void pauseAi(string "AIName");

void resumeAi(string "AIName");

where AIName refers to:

“all” - removes all the Ai’s

“seek” - removes seek

“flee” - removes flee

“pursue” - removes arrival

“evade” - removes pursuit

“arrival” - removes evade

“wander” - removes wander

“flock” - removes flock

“obstacle_avoidance” - removes obstacle_avoidance

“pathfollow” - removes pathfollow