class MouseInterfaceNode

Bases: DataNode

This is the base class for some classes that monitor the mouse and keyboard input and perform some action due to their state.

It collects together some common interface; in particular, the require_button() and related methods.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of MouseInterfaceNode

MouseInterfaceNode(MouseInterfaceNode const&) = default
void clear_all_buttons(void)

Removes all requirements on buttons set by an earlier call to require_button().

void clear_button(ButtonHandle const &button)

Removes any requirement on the indicated button set by an earlier call to require_button().

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
void require_button(ButtonHandle const &button, bool is_down)

Indicates that the indicated button must be in the required state (either up or down) in order for this particular MouseInterfaceNode to do anything. For instance, this may be called to make a Trackball object respect mouse input only when the control key is held down.