class LoaderOptions

Specifies parameters that may be passed to the loader.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of LoaderOptions

enum LoaderFlags

Flags for loading model files.

enumerator LF_search = 1
enumerator LF_report_errors = 2
enumerator LF_convert_skeleton = 4
enumerator LF_convert_channels = 8
enumerator LF_convert_anim = 12

skeleton + channels

enumerator LF_no_disk_cache = 16

disallow BamCache

enumerator LF_no_ram_cache = 32

disallow ModelPool

enumerator LF_no_cache = 48

no_disk + no_ram

enumerator LF_cache_only = 64

fail if not in cache

enumerator LF_allow_instance = 128

returned pointer might be shared

enum TextureFlags

Flags for loading texture files.

enumerator TF_preload = 4

Texture will have RAM image

enumerator TF_preload_simple = 8

Texture will have simple RAM image

enumerator TF_allow_1d = 16

If texture is Nx1, make a 1-d texture

enumerator TF_generate_mipmaps = 32

Consider generating mipmaps

enumerator TF_multiview = 64

Load a multiview texture in pages

enumerator TF_integer = 128

Load as an integer (RGB) texture

enumerator TF_float = 256

Load as a floating-point (depth) texture

enumerator TF_allow_compression = 512

Consider compressing RAM image

LoaderOptions(int flags = (::LoaderOptions::LF_search | LF_report_errors))
constexpr LoaderOptions(int flags, int texture_flags)
LoaderOptions(LoaderOptions const&) = default
AutoTextureScale get_auto_texture_scale(void) const

See set_auto_texture_scale().

int get_flags(void) const
int get_texture_flags(void) const
int get_texture_num_views(void) const

See set_texture_num_views().

void output(std::ostream &out) const
void set_auto_texture_scale(AutoTextureScale scale)

Set this flag to ATS_none, ATS_up, ATS_down, or ATS_pad to control how a texture is scaled from disk when it is subsequently loaded. Set it to ATS_unspecified to restore the default behavior.

void set_flags(int flags)
void set_texture_flags(int flags)
void set_texture_num_views(int num_views)

Specifies the expected number of views to load for the texture. This is ignored unless TF_multiview is included in texture_flags. This must be specified when loading a 3-d multiview texture or 2-d texture array, in which case it is used to differentiate z levels from separate views; it may be zero in the case of 2-d textures or cube maps, in which case the number of views can be inferred from the number of images found on disk.