class SocketIP

Bases: TypedObject

alias of Socket_IP

Active() → bool

Ask if the socket is open (allocated)

Close() → None

Closes a socket if it is open (allocated).

static GetLastError() → int

Gets the last errcode from a socket operation.

GetPeerName() → Socket_Address

Wrapper on berkly getpeername…

Return type


GetSocket() → SOCKET

Gets the base socket type

Return type


GetSocket() → SOCKET

Get The RAW file id of the socket

Return type


static InitNetworkDriver() → int
SetBlocking() → int

Set the socket to block on subsequent calls to socket functions that address this socket

SetNonBlocking() → int

this function will throw a socket into non-blocking mode

SetRecvBufferSize(size: int) → int

Ok it sets the recv buffer size for both tcp and UDP

SetReuseAddress(flag: bool) → bool

Informs a socket to reuse IP address as needed

SetSocket(ins: SOCKET) → None

Assigns an existing socket to this class

SetV6Only(flag: bool) → bool

Sets a flag indicating whether this IPv6 socket should operate in dual-stack mode or not.

__init__() → None

Def Constructor

__init__(in: SOCKET) → None

Assigns an existing socket to this class

static getClassType() → TypeHandle
Return type