class BufferContext

Bases: SavedContext

This is a base class for those kinds of SavedContexts that occupy an easily-measured (and substantial) number of bytes in the video card’s frame buffer memory or AGP memory. At the present, this includes most of the SavedContext types: VertexBufferContext and IndexBufferContext, as well as TextureContext.

This class provides methods for tracking the video memory utilization, as well as residency of each object, via PStats.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of BufferContext

bool get_active(void) const

Returns the active flag associated with this object. An object is considered “active” if it was rendered in the current frame.

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
std::size_t get_data_size_bytes(void) const

Returns the number of bytes previously reported for the data object. This is used to track changes in the data object’s allocated size; if it changes from this, we need to create a new buffer. This is also used to track memory utilization in PStats.

UpdateSeq get_modified(void) const

Returns the UpdateSeq that was recorded the last time mark_loaded() was called.

bool get_resident(void) const

Returns the resident flag associated with this object. An object is considered “resident” if it appears to be resident in texture memory.