class OdeGeom

Bases: TypedObject

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of OdeGeom

enum GeomClass
enumerator GC_sphere = 0
enumerator GC_box = 1
enumerator GC_capped_cylinder = 2
enumerator GC_cylinder = 3
enumerator GC_plane = 4
enumerator GC_ray = 5
enumerator GC_tri_mesh = 8

GC_convex, GC_geom_transform,

enumerator GC_simple_space = 10
enumerator GC_hash_space = 11
enumerator GC_quad_tree_space = 12
void clear_offset(void)
int compare_to(OdeGeom const &other) const
PyObject *convert(void) const
OdeBoxGeom convert_to_box(void) const
OdeCappedCylinderGeom convert_to_capped_cylinder(void) const
OdeCylinderGeom convert_to_cylinder(void) const

OdeConvexGeom convert_to_convex() const;

OdeHashSpace convert_to_hash_space(void) const
OdePlaneGeom convert_to_plane(void) const

OdeHeightfieldGeom convert_to_heightfield() const;

OdeQuadTreeSpace convert_to_quad_tree_space(void) const
OdeRayGeom convert_to_ray(void) const
OdeSimpleSpace convert_to_simple_space(void) const
OdeSphereGeom convert_to_sphere(void) const
OdeTriMeshGeom convert_to_tri_mesh(void) const
void destroy(void)
void disable(void)
void enable(void)
void get_AABB(LVecBase3f &min, LVecBase3f &max) const
PyObject *get_AA_bounds(void) const
OdeBody get_body(void) const
BitMask32 get_category_bits(void)
int get_class(void) const
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
BitMask32 get_collide_bits(void)
PyObject *get_converted_space(void) const
dGeomID get_id(void) const

Returns the underlying dGeomID.

LPoint3f get_offset_position(void) const
LQuaternionf get_offset_quaternion(void) const
LMatrix3f get_offset_rotation(void) const
LPoint3f get_position(void) const
LQuaternionf get_quaternion(void) const
LMatrix3f get_rotation(void) const
OdeSpace get_space(void) const
bool has_body(void) const
bool is_empty(void) const

Returns true if the ID is 0, meaning the OdeGeom does not point to a valid geom. It is an error to call a method on an empty geom. Note that an empty OdeGeom also evaluates to False.

int is_enabled(void)
int is_offset(void)
int is_space(void)
void set_body(OdeBody &body)

INLINE void set_data(void* data);

void set_category_bits(BitMask32 const &bits)
void set_collide_bits(BitMask32 const &bits)
void set_offset_position(dReal x, dReal y, dReal z)
void set_offset_position(LVecBase3f const &pos)
void set_offset_quaternion(LQuaternionf const &q)
void set_offset_rotation(LMatrix3f const &r)
void set_offset_world_position(dReal x, dReal y, dReal z)
void set_offset_world_position(LVecBase3f const &pos)
void set_offset_world_quaternion(LQuaternionf const &q)
void set_offset_world_rotation(LMatrix3f const &r)
void set_position(dReal x, dReal y, dReal z)
void set_position(LVecBase3f const &pos)
void set_quaternion(LQuaternionf const &q)
void set_rotation(LMatrix3f const &r)
virtual void write(std::ostream &out = ::std::cout, unsigned int indent = 0) const