class PhysicsCollisionHandler

Bases: CollisionHandlerPusher

A specialized kind of CollisionHandler that simply pushes back on things that attempt to move into solid walls. This also puts forces onto the physics objects

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of PhysicsCollisionHandler

PN_stdfloat get_almost_stationary_speed(void)
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
PN_stdfloat get_dynamic_friction_coef(void)
PN_stdfloat get_static_friction_coef(void)
void set_almost_stationary_speed(PN_stdfloat speed)

These setters and getter are a bit of a hack:

void set_dynamic_friction_coef(PN_stdfloat coef)
void set_static_friction_coef(PN_stdfloat coef)