class TextureReloadRequest

Bases: AsyncTask

This loader request will call Texture::get_ram_image() in a sub-thread, to force the texture’s image to be re-read from disk. It is used by GraphicsStateGuardian::async_reload_texture(), when get_incomplete_render() is true.

Deprecated: Use Texture::async_ensure_ram_image() instead.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of TextureReloadRequest

explicit TextureReloadRequest(std::string const &name, PreparedGraphicsObjects *pgo, Texture *texture, bool allow_compressed)
TextureReloadRequest(TextureReloadRequest const&) = default

Create a new TextureReloadRequest, and add it to the loader via load_async(), to begin an asynchronous load.

bool get_allow_compressed(void) const

Returns the “allow compressed” flag associated with this asynchronous TextureReloadRequest.

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
PreparedGraphicsObjects *get_prepared_graphics_objects(void) const

Returns the PreparedGraphicsObjects object associated with this asynchronous TextureReloadRequest.

Texture *get_texture(void) const

Returns the Texture object associated with this asynchronous TextureReloadRequest.

bool is_ready(void) const

Returns true if this request has completed, false if it is still pending. Equivalent to req.done() and not req.cancelled().

See AsyncFuture::done().