class OdeJoint

Bases: TypedObject

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of OdeJoint

enum JointType

/* or “unknown” */

enumerator JT_none = 0

/* or “unknown” */

enumerator JT_ball = 1
enumerator JT_hinge = 2
enumerator JT_slider = 3
enumerator JT_contact = 4
enumerator JT_universal = 5
enumerator JT_hinge2 = 6
enumerator JT_fixed = 7
enumerator JT_null = 8
enumerator JT_a_motor = 9
enumerator JT_l_motor = 10
enumerator JT_plane2d = 11
void attach(PyObject *body1, PyObject *body2)
void attach_bodies(OdeBody const &body1, OdeBody const &body2)

Attaches two OdeBody objects to this joint. Order is important. Consider using the OdeJoint::attach() extension function if you’re using the Python interface.

void attach_body(OdeBody const &body, int index)

Attaches a single OdeBody to this joint at the specified index (0 or 1). The other index will be set to the environment (null). Consider using the OdeJoint::attach() extension function if you’re using the Python interface.

int compare_to(OdeJoint const &other) const
PyObject *convert(void) const
OdeAMotorJoint convert_to_a_motor(void) const
OdeBallJoint convert_to_ball(void) const
OdeContactJoint convert_to_contact(void) const
OdeFixedJoint convert_to_fixed(void) const
OdeHingeJoint convert_to_hinge(void) const
OdeHinge2Joint convert_to_hinge2(void) const
OdeLMotorJoint convert_to_l_motor(void) const
OdeNullJoint convert_to_null(void) const
OdePlane2dJoint convert_to_plane2d(void) const
OdeSliderJoint convert_to_slider(void) const
OdeUniversalJoint convert_to_universal(void) const
void destroy(void)
void detach(void)
OdeBody get_body(int index) const
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
OdeJointFeedback *get_feedback(void)
dJointID get_id(void) const

Returns the underlying dJointID.

int get_joint_type(void) const

/* INLINE void *get_data(); */

bool is_empty(void) const

Returns true if the ID is 0, meaning the OdeJoint does not point to a valid joint. It is an error to call a method on an empty joint. Note that an empty OdeJoint also evaluates to False.

void set_feedback(OdeJointFeedback*)
void set_feedback(bool flag = true)
virtual void write(std::ostream &out = ::std::cout, unsigned int indent = 0) const