class InputDeviceManager

Bases: MemoryBase

This class keeps track of all the devices on a system, and sends out events when a device has been hot-plugged.

New in version 1.10.0.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of InputDeviceManager

void add_device(InputDevice *device)

Called when a new device has been discovered. This may also be used to register virtual devices.

This causes a connect-device event to be thrown.

InputDeviceSet get_devices(void) const
InputDeviceSet get_devices(InputDevice::DeviceClass device_class) const

Description: Returns all currently connected devices.

Description: Returns all currently connected devices of the given device class.

InputDeviceManager *get_global_ptr(void)

Returns the singleton InputDeviceManager instance.

void remove_device(InputDevice *device)

Called when a device has been removed, or when a device should otherwise no longer be tracked.

This causes a disconnect-device event to be thrown.

virtual void update(void)

Polls the system to see if there are any new devices. In some implementations this is a no-op.