class TypedWritableReferenceCount

Bases: TypedWritable, ReferenceCount

A base class for things which need to inherit from both TypedWritable and from ReferenceCount. It’s convenient to define this intermediate base class instead of multiply inheriting from the two classes each time they are needed, so that we can sensibly pass around pointers to things which are both TypedWritables and ReferenceCounters.

See also TypedObject for detailed instructions.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of TypedWritableReferenceCount

static PointerTo<TypedWritableReferenceCount> decode_from_bam_stream(vector_uchar data, BamReader *reader = nullptr)

Reads the bytes created by a previous call to encode_to_bam_stream(), and extracts and returns the single object on those bytes. Returns NULL on error.

This method is intended to replace decode_raw_from_bam_stream() when you know the stream in question returns an object of type TypedWritableReferenceCount, allowing for easier reference count management. Note that the caller is still responsible for maintaining the reference count on the return value.

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)