class PartBundleHandle

Bases: ReferenceCount

This is a trivial class returned by PartBundleNode::get_bundle(). Its purpose is to hold the actual PartBundle pointer contained within the PartBundleNode, so that scene graph flatten operations can safely combine or duplicate PartBundles as necessary without affecting high-level bundle operations.

The high-level Actor class defined in direct/src/actor, for instance, will store a list of PartBundleHandles instead of on actual PartBundles, so that it will be immune to changes from these flatten operations.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of PartBundleHandle

PartBundleHandle(PartBundle *bundle)
PartBundleHandle(PartBundleHandle const&) = default
PartBundle *get_bundle(void)

Returns the actual PartBundle embedded within the handle.

void set_bundle(PartBundle *bundle)

Changes the actual PartBundle embedded within the handle.