class PerlinNoise2

Bases: PerlinNoise

This class provides an implementation of Perlin noise for 2 variables. This code is loosely based on the reference implementation at .

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of PerlinNoise2

explicit PerlinNoise2(double sx, double sy, int table_size = 256, unsigned long int seed = 0)
PerlinNoise2(PerlinNoise2 const &copy)

Randomizes the tables to make a unique noise function. Uses a default scale (noise frequency), table size, and seed.

Randomizes the tables to make a unique noise function.

If seed is nonzero, it is used to define the tables; if it is zero a random seed is generated.

Makes an exact copy of the existing PerlinNoise object, including its random seed.

double noise(double x, double y) const
float noise(LVecBase2f const &value) const
double noise(LVecBase2d const &value) const

Returns the noise function of the three inputs.

void set_scale(double scale)
void set_scale(double sx, double sy)
void set_scale(LVecBase2f const &scale)
void set_scale(LVecBase2d const &scale)

Changes the scale (frequency) of the noise.