Uber DOGs

The Uber Distributed Object Globals are special objects which are used for game global objects. These are similar to AI ones but are not dedicated to specific zones, have a hardcoded doID and with that are directly accessible in the client without the need for discovering them first like you’d have to do for other DOs.

Compared to other DOs, the DOGs do not store persistent data. Instead, they are usually used for sending calls to request a server to run specific procedures. These calls, done through the DOGs, usually also don’t require the user to be authenticated. This way public RPC-like APIs can best be implemented using them as well as them being a good choice for implementing the client authentication request logic.

The setup of a generic UD server is similar to that of an AI one. It only differs in the used abbreviation (UD instead of AI) and the applications specific implementation. Due to that, check the AI Repositories chapter for further information.