class ModelFlattenRequest

Bases: AsyncTask

This class object manages a single asynchronous request to flatten a model. The model will be duplicated and flattened in a sub-thread (if threading is available), without affecting the original model; and when the result is done it may be retrieved from this object.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ModelFlattenRequest

explicit ModelFlattenRequest(PandaNode *orig)

Create a new ModelFlattenRequest, and add it to the loader via load_async(), to begin an asynchronous load.

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
PandaNode *get_model(void) const

Returns the flattened copy of the model. It is an error to call this unless done() returns true.

Deprecated: Use result() instead.

PandaNode *get_orig(void) const

Returns the original, unflattened node.

bool is_ready(void) const

Returns true if this request has completed, false if it is still pending. When this returns true, you may retrieve the model loaded by calling result(). Equivalent to req.done() and not req.cancelled().

See AsyncFuture::done().