class EggPolysetMaker

Bases: EggBinMaker

A specialization on EggBinMaker for making polysets that share the same basic rendering characteristic. This really just defines the example functions described in the leading comment to EggBinMaker.

It makes some common assumptions about how polysets should be grouped; if these are not sufficient, you can always rederive your own further specialization of this class.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of EggPolysetMaker

enum BinNumber

The BinNumber serves to identify why a particular EggBin was created.

enumerator BN_none = 0
enumerator BN_polyset = 1
enum Properties
enumerator P_has_texture = 1
enumerator P_texture = 2
enumerator P_has_material = 4
enumerator P_material = 8
enumerator P_has_poly_color = 16
enumerator P_poly_color = 32
enumerator P_has_poly_normal = 64
enumerator P_has_vertex_normal = 128
enumerator P_has_vertex_color = 256
enumerator P_bface = 512
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
void set_properties(int properties)

Sets the set of properties that determines which polygons are allowed to be grouped together into a single polyset. This is the bitwise ‘or’ of all the properties that matter. If this is 0, all polygons (within a given group) will be lumped into a common polyset regardless of their properties.