class GPUCommandList

This is a class to store a list of GPUCommands. It provides functionality to only provide the a given amount of commands at one time.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of GPUCommandList

GPUCommandList(GPUCommandList const&) = default

This constructs a new GPUCommandList. By default, there are no commands in the list.

void add_command(GPUCommand const &cmd)

This adds a new GPUCommand to the list of commands to be processed.

std::size_t get_num_commands(void) const

This returns the amount of commands which are currently stored in this list, and are waiting to get processed.

std::size_t write_commands_to(PTA_uchar const &dest, std::size_t limit = 32)

This takes the first #limit commands, and writes them to the destination using GPUCommand::write_to(). See GPUCommand::write_to() for further information about #dest. The limit controls after how much commands the processing will be stopped. All commands which got processed will get removed from the list.