Known Shader Bugs and Limitations

Here is a list of known issues in the shader system, with workarounds:

Problem: GLSL Versions on macOS

Problem: On macOS, using some modern GLSL features from GLSL versions higher than 1.20 will fail, even if the hardware is capable of higher versions.

Workaround: The OpenGL driver on macOS only supports GLSL 1.50 and 3.30 when the fixed-function pipeline is turned off. This means it becomes necessary to use shaders for all objects, and it is no longer possible to mix-and-match custom shaders and the fixed-function pipeline. To do this, set this in Config.prc:

gl-version 3 2

Problem: Untested/Unfinished DirectX Support

Problem: Shader development is currently being done in OpenGL. The DirectX support typically lags behind, and is often less fully-tested.

Workaround: The default setting for Panda is to use OpenGL, not DirectX. For now, when using shaders, do not change this setting.