class CullBinAttrib

Bases: RenderAttrib

Assigns geometry to a particular bin by name. The bins must be created separately via the CullBinManager interface.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of CullBinAttrib

std::string const &get_bin_name(void) const

Returns the name of the bin this attribute specifies. If this is the empty string, it refers to the default bin.

static int get_class_slot(void)
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
int get_draw_order(void) const

Returns the draw order this attribute specifies. Some bins (in particular, CullBinFixed bins) use this to further specify the order in which objects should be rendered.

static ConstPointerTo<RenderAttrib> make(std::string const &bin_name, int draw_order)

Constructs a new CullBinAttrib assigning geometry into the named bin. If the bin name is the empty string, the default bin is used.

The draw_order specifies further ordering information which is relevant only to certain kinds of bins (in particular CullBinFixed type bins).

static ConstPointerTo<RenderAttrib> make_default(void)

Returns a RenderAttrib that corresponds to whatever the standard default properties for render attributes of this type ought to be.