class DCParameter

Bases: DCField

Represents the type specification for a single parameter within a field specification. This may be a simple type, or it may be a class or an array reference.

This may also be a typedef reference to another type, which has the same properties as the referenced type, but a different name.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of DCParameter

virtual DCArrayParameter *as_array_parameter(void)
virtual DCArrayParameter const *as_array_parameter(void) const
virtual DCSimpleParameter *as_simple_parameter(void)
virtual DCSimpleParameter const *as_simple_parameter(void) const
DCTypedef const *get_typedef(void) const

If this type has been referenced from a typedef, returns the DCTypedef instance, or NULL if the type was declared on-the-fly.

virtual bool is_valid(void) const = 0
virtual DCParameter *make_copy(void) const = 0