class BulletTranslationalLimitMotor

Rotation Limit structure for generic joints.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of BulletTranslationalLimitMotor

BulletTranslationalLimitMotor(BulletTranslationalLimitMotor const &copy)
LVector3 get_accumulated_impulse(void) const
LPoint3 get_current_diff(void) const
LVector3 get_current_error(void) const
int get_current_limit(int axis) const

Retrieves the current value of angle: 0 = free, 1 = at low limit, 2 = at high limit.

bool get_motor_enabled(int axis) const
bool is_limited(int axis) const
void set_damping(PN_stdfloat damping)
void set_high_limit(LVecBase3 const &limit)
void set_low_limit(LVecBase3 const &limit)
void set_max_motor_force(LVecBase3 const &force)
void set_motor_enabled(int axis, bool enable)
void set_normal_cfm(LVecBase3 const &cfm)
void set_restitution(PN_stdfloat restitution)
void set_softness(PN_stdfloat softness)
void set_stop_cfm(LVecBase3 const &cfm)
void set_stop_erp(LVecBase3 const &erp)
void set_target_velocity(LVecBase3 const &velocity)