class PartBundleNode

Bases: PandaNode

This is a node that contains a pointer to an PartBundle. Like AnimBundleNode, it exists to make it easy to store PartBundles in the scene graph.

(Unlike AnimBundleNode, however, PartBundleNode has an additional function: it is also the base class of the Character node type, which adds additional functionality.)

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of PartBundleNode

explicit PartBundleNode(std::string const &name, PartBundle *bundle)

The PartBundle and its node should be constructed together. Generally, the derived classes of PartBundleNode will automatically create a PartBundle of the appropriate type, and pass it up to this constructor.

For internal use only.

Use make_copy() or copy_subgraph() to copy one of these.

This constructor does not copy the bundle pointers.

PartBundle *get_bundle(int n) const
PartBundleHandle *get_bundle_handle(int n) const

Returns the PartBundleHandle that wraps around the actual nth PartBundle. While the PartBundle pointer might later change due to a future flatten operation, the PartBundleHandle will not.

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
int get_num_bundles(void) const