Source code for direct.distributed.GridChild

from direct.distributed.DistributedSmoothNodeBase import DistributedSmoothNodeBase
from direct.distributed.GridParent import GridParent
from direct.showbase.PythonUtil import report

[docs]class GridChild: """ Any object that expects to be parented to a grid should inherit from this. It works with GridParent to manage its grid cell hierarchy in the scenegraph. """
[docs] def __init__(self): try: self.__initiallized except AttributeError: self._gridParent = None self._gridInterestEnabled = False self._gridInterests = {}
[docs] def delete(self): self.__setGridParent(None) self.enableGridInterest(False)
[docs] @report(types = ['args'], dConfigParam = 'smoothnode') def setGridCell(self, grid, zoneId): if not hasattr(self,'getParent'): return if grid is None: self.__setGridParent(None) self.__clearGridInterest() else: if not self._gridParent: self.__setGridParent(GridParent(self)) # Does the (wrt)ReparentTo() operation self._gridParent.setGridCell(grid, zoneId) # Moves the grid interest along with this child self.updateGridInterest(grid, zoneId)
[docs] def updateGridInterest(self, grid, zoneId): # add additional grid interests (sometimes we want more # than just one) #if self._gridInterestEnabled: self.__setGridInterest(grid, zoneId)
[docs] def enableGridInterest(self, enabled = True): self._gridInterestEnabled = enabled if enabled and self.isOnAGrid(): # enable all grid interests I may have for currGridId, interestInfo in self._gridInterests.items(): currGrid = getBase().getRepository().doId2do.get(currGridId) if currGrid: self.__setGridInterest(currGrid, interestInfo[1]) else: self.notify.warning("unknown grid interest %s"%currGridId) else: for currGridId, interestInfo in self._gridInterests.items():[0])
[docs] def isOnAGrid(self): return self._gridParent is not None
[docs] def getGrid(self): if self._gridParent: return self._gridParent.getGrid() else: return None
[docs] def getGridZone(self): if self._gridParent: return self._gridParent.getGridZone() else: return None
def __setGridParent(self, gridParent): if self._gridParent and self._gridParent is not gridParent: self._gridParent.delete() self._gridParent = gridParent def __setGridInterest(self, grid, zoneId): assert not if self.notify.warning( 'startProcessVisibility(%s): tried to open a new interest during logout' % self.doId) return gridDoId = grid.getDoId() existingInterest = self._gridInterests.get(gridDoId) if self._gridInterestEnabled: if existingInterest and existingInterest[0]:[0], grid.getDoId(), zoneId) existingInterest[1] = zoneId else: newInterest =, zoneId,, self.uniqueName('gridvis')) self._gridInterests[gridDoId] = [newInterest,zoneId] else: # indicate we want this grid interest once gridInterestEnabled is True if game.process == 'client': # we only care about interests on the client self._gridInterests[gridDoId] = [None,zoneId]
[docs] def getGridInterestIds(self): return list(self._gridInterests.keys())
[docs] def getGridInterestZoneId(self,gridDoId): return self._gridInterests.get(gridDoId,[None,None])[1]
def __clearGridInterest(self): if self._gridInterestEnabled: for currGridId, interestInfo in self._gridInterests.items():[0]) self._gridInterests = {}
[docs]class SmoothGridChild(GridChild): """ SmoothNodes have a special requirement in that they need to send their current cell along with their telemetry data stream. This allows the distributed receiving objects to update their grid parent according to this value, rather than the setLocation() data. Use this instead of GridNode when you expect this object to send its telemetry data out. """
[docs] def __init__(self): GridChild.__init__(self) assert isinstance(self, DistributedSmoothNodeBase), \ 'All GridChild objects must be instances of DistributedSmoothNodeBase'
[docs] @report(types = ['args'], dConfigParam = 'smoothnode') def setGridCell(self, grid, zoneId): GridChild.setGridCell(self, grid, zoneId) if grid and self.isGenerated(): # we get our cnode in DistributedSmoothNodeBase.generate() self.cnode.setEmbeddedVal(zoneId)
[docs] @report(types = ['args'], dConfigParam = 'smoothnode') def transformTelemetry(self, x, y, z, h, p, r, e): # We don't really need to transform telemetry, but # we do update our grid cell such that the new # telemetry is correct now. # We do this instead of overriding setSmPosHprE() # because we're a mixin class. if self.isOnAGrid(): self.setGridCell(self.getGrid(), e) # causes a wrtReparent() which updates # all previous smooth positions return x, y, z, h, p, r