Using C++

Though Panda3D is often used with Python, it is possible to program a complete game in C++ without any line of Python. To start a C++ project, rebuilding Panda3D from source is not needed. This is done by including the right headers and linking with the right libraries.

This section will explain how to use C++ to create your Panda3D programs instead of the default Python language.

The manual and the API are mainly focused at the use of Python, so you will need to keep a few things in mind:

  • You need to include the file pandabase.h, which is needed to initialize the Panda3D library.

  • There’s no DirectStart. You need to create windows yourself using the Window Framework.

  • You can import the classes you need just by including their header file, like this:

    #include "textNode.h"
  • The functions are called the same way, but in lowercase and spaces between the words.

    So instanceTo() in Python becomes instance_to() in C++.