This article describes a deprecated feature as of Panda3D 1.10.0.

The PackageInstaller class is used to download and install a Panda3D package, as built by the ppackage.p3d utility, at runtime. It is similar to base.appRunner.installPackage(), but it is capable of downloading a package in the background, while the rest of your game continues. You can get notifications as the package is being downloaded.

PackageInstaller is itself an abstract class, and its callback notifications are defined as methods. To use PackageInstaller, you should subclass from it and override any of the six callback methods: downloadStarted(), packageStarted(), packageProgress(), downloadProgress(), packageFinished(), downloadFinished(). See the generated API documentation for more information.

You might find the DWBPackageInstaller class, which stands for “DirectWaitBar PackageInstaller”, even more convenient–it multiply inherits from PackageInstaller and DirectWaitBar, and defines the callback methods to update the GUI automatically as the package is downloading. For example, the following code will automatically download and install a package, and call your method packageInstalled when the download has finished. See the generated API documentation for more information.

from direct.p3d.DWBPackageInstaller import DWBPackageInstaller

self.pi = DWBPackageInstaller(base.appRunner,
                              parent = base.a2dTopRight,
                              scale = 0.5, pos = (-0.6, 0, -0.1),
                              finished = self.packageInstalled)
self.pi.addPackage('myPackage', 'myVersion',
                   hostUrl = '')