User Contributed Tutorials and Examples

The following are some open source games and some example code snippets made by Panda3D users. They are by private individuals not affiliated with the Panda3D core development team, we cannot vouch that they are valid with every version of Panda3D. This is not a complete and up-to-date list of all the open source games and code snippets. Check the appropriate forum sections for all the contributions.



Open source games


Pac-Bat pac-man clone:



3d-rama pong:


The Traveling Fox:

Code snippets

3rd- and 1st-person character system

growing repository of various kinds of panda3d samples and code snippets

Demomaster application framework with wxpython navigator:

Panda3D Terrain System:

Panda3D Shader Generator:

Infinite Procedural Terrain Engine:

Improved distortion sample:

Onscreen IDE & dynamic instant update:

ODE Middleware:

pause/resume scene (intervals-tasks-actors-sounds-movies):

rope samples:

Paraboloid Shadow Map + PCF Smooth:

Fade from one camera to another:

Minecraft-like chunk generator:

Hardware and Geometry Shader Instancing:

Fractal Map Generator:

Load image as 3d plane:

Interactive scene:

Using tags:

Another Camera Controller, Orbit style:

edge screen tracking: