The appRunner.dom object


This article describes a deprecated feature as of Panda3D 1.10.0.

Another important member of base.appRunner is the “dom” object. This is the top of the JavaScript DOM (“Document Object Model”) hierarchy, and corresponds to the global scope (that is, the “window” object) in JavaScript.

In general, global objects and functions in JavaScript will be visible to the Python code as members of appRunner.dom. In particular, base.appRunner.dom.document corresponds to the toplevel “document” object, which you can use to access the contents of the embedding web page itself.

For example, to update the value in a field called “username” on form called “login” on the web page, you could write Python code like this:

login = base.appRunner.dom.document.getElementById('login')
login.username.value = 'username'

In general, anything you can do in JavaScript, you can do in Python, via the base.appRunner.dom object.

The dom object is always available; it is not limited by the P3D origin security features.