Distributing Panda3D Applications

Beginning in Panda3D version 1.7.0, Panda provides a packaging and distribution system designed to make it very easy to distribute your Panda3D application to the world, either embedded within a web page or distributed as a standalone application.

This system is no longer supported as of Panda3D 1.10.0. Starting with 1.10, Python applications using Panda3D can be packaged in a distributable form (e.g., zip archives, Windows installers, tarballs) using Setuptools. These packages can then be hosted on a website or store front for distribution to end users. Using this new Setuptools-based process is recommended over the legacy ppackage/pdeploy system since it is simpler, easier to maintain, uses the standard tools of the Python packaging ecosystem, and provides better support for Python 3.

The following section is for users who are unable to update to 1.10.0 only.