Position, Rotation and Scale Intervals

Panda3D can automatically generate intervals for position to a certain point or a rotation to a certain HPR value. You can do this by calling posInterval() and hprInterval() on the object.

# This lets the actor move to point 10, 10, 10 in 1.0 second.
myInterval1 = myActor.posInterval(1.0, Point3(10, 10, 10))

# This move takes 2.0 seconds to complete.
myInterval2 = myActor.posInterval(2.0, Point3(8, -5, 10))

# You can specify a starting position, too.
myInterval3 = myActor.posInterval(1.0, Point3(2, -3, 8), startPos=Point3(2, 4, 1))

# This rotates the actor 180 degrees on heading and 90 degrees on pitch.
myInterval4 = myActor.hprInterval(1.0, Vec3(180, 90, 0))

You can easily create Sequences and Parallels from these intervals:

mySequence = Sequence(myInterval2, myInterval4)
myParallel = Parallel(myInterval3, myInterval1)

scaleInterval(), posHprInterval(), hprScaleInterval(), and posHprScaleInterval() work similarly.

Note: The physics engine won’t affect a Node that is moved using posInterval()!